As the compound technology type of mechatronics, and a R&D-oriented company, since foundation, our company Eastern Technics Corp. has overcome the surge of a big time, and it has aimed at maintenance of the nature of the company which is full of a feeling of a lively motion also, and progress of the company's business today. It also gratitude-carries out this deeply with support of all of you and the result of patronage earnestly
We which grew up in this way run it by a policy of the following concreteness based on five lines of company policy to publish in the left.
1.United manufacture and sales
A factory technical section and a sales division harmonize completely so that the technology of a factory and service of sale can be provided simultaneously, and it is tackling with the responsible posture which completes customer needs at its company
2.Established power of c ompound technology
Technology of each special field of study, such as a machine, electronic control, an information technology, a new-materials alloy, and electrical discharge machining technology, is cultivated, it strives for research and development with the concentrated "compound technology", and we are catering to a customer's needs
3.Gathering the best people
We will bring employee up to be social, great individuality and strong special technical group by the movement of 5S is placed in foundation as employee's basic stance.
4.Join hands and cooperation
Stability management foundation and substantial customer service. The tie-up is positively aimed at with an outside enterprise and the organization in five sections. (research, technology, overseas ,financial, corporations outside) and is committed to improving the company's business
5.Contribution to society
We co-operated with,industry-government-academia combination to develop special solar system corresponding to the eco-energy in order to achieve the social mission of the company. In addition, we push forward the collection study of an expensive rare metal occurring in alloy division. We wrestle with the development of the product in response to the needs of the environment time
Hereafter company strives for the study of "Compoundtechnology" Under the theme of development of products to be ahead of the next generation.We become the employee in unison and we are diligent for duties.Please continue your favors toward support.
Representative Director Masahiko Kawanishi